Different Color Lenses for Different Fishing Conditions


By:   Julie Tuchscher

Thank you for all the business you have given us over the last ten years. We have a new and better website with some great new features. Now, you will be able to go on the site and see each lens color and frame color. We also have given you measurements to help you decide what polarized fishing sunglasses will be the perfect fit.

The color of the lens does not determine how much immunity you get from the sun’s radiation. Once you have picked your polarized fishing glasses for optimal protection, style and comfort, the lens color choice should be based on intended use. There is no one color of glass (tint) that can be used optimally for all fishing conditions.

Polarized sunglasses are a serious item in your fishing arsenal. Your eyes need to feel relaxed and free from eyestrain. By filtering out harmful UVA/B rays you are protecting your eyes from cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid cancer, and many other issues.

Polarized sunglasses eliminate glare and allow you to see beneath the water surface to determine movement and shapes. Glare is high intensity light that is seven to ten times brighter than normal light. Glare can cause temporary blindness, eye strain, headaches and impaired vision. 

You see best when your eyes are totally shaded from reflective light. Look for frames with rims on top and side shields or polarized sunglasses with a full wrap. Matte black frames have non-reflective properties. An anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lenses will prevent light from behind reflecting off the inside surface of your lenses.

Just as fishing conditions vary, choosing the right color or tint of your polarized fishing glasses will make a difference. Here are a few color guidelines you might find helpful. Most anglers will have more than one pair of polarized sunglasses or fishing glasses with interchangeable lenses in task-specific colors for different types of fishing conditions.

Dark gray/smoke colored lenses are most popular for day-to-day use when fishing in deep water, and especially offshore. Smoke fishing glasses transmit all colors of the spectrum evenly so that there is no color distortion. They are ideal for bright sunny days and for looking far across the horizon. They block out the brightest rays of the sun and decrease visual light.

In our next Newsletter we will talk about copper, yellow/amber, brown, vermillion, and mirrored lenses.

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